Result-centred leadership (RCL)

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Results-Centred Leadership (RCL) is a proven leadership program with over 1000 managers in Vancouver and thousands across the country benefiting from it over the past nine years. This premier Canadian-authoredexecutive development program instills advanced leadership skills to executives, senior and midlle management.

RCL is the catalyst for a new leadership style in the 21st Century. It is based upon bringing out the very best in your people and coaching them to succeed in an environment of respect and trust. RCL enables everyone in an organization to achieve superb results. RCL presents a style of leadership – a comprehensive set of skills – to enable you and the organization to grow and prosper. It is a process of personal change and continuous improvement. It is a leadership program designed to really make a difference.

  • Develops Managers Into Leaders
  • Fosters Personal Accountability In Obtaining Results
  • Improves Productivity, Teamwork Synergy And Customer/Client Service
  • Consistently Fosters Higher Levels Of Goal Achievement And Success
  • Reduces Crisis Management Issues
  • Motivates People, Creates An Atmosphere Of Success, Respect, Trust, And Fun
  • Highly Interactive Sessions Due To Limited Class Size (10 Participants)

Results Centered Leadership fosters an environment where mutual decisions let individuals within the organization thrive, be accountable and take responsibility for their actions and the results they attain. An environment where the right leadership traits and personal skills are not just learned by a few, they can be transferred to many, and predictably, working smarter together results in greater success. Participants are encouraged to share the challenges they face at the workplace and to produce real-life solutions at each session. The facilitator, workbooks, CDs, action plans, self-assessments, case-studies, spaced and multi-sensory learning techniques act as strong support structure to ensure the practical application.

  • Improved Productivity And Results
  • Improved Customer / Client Service
  • Enhanced Teamwork And Co-Operation
  • Motivated And Dedicated People
  • People Embracing Responsibility And Being Accountable “Without Prompting”
  • Feeling More In Control Of Time
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Goal-Setting
  • Enhanced Self-Image
  • The Confidence To Lead People
  • Improved Listening Skills
  • Succeed In An Environment Of Respect, Trust And Fun!

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what needs to get done, and self-restraint enough to keep from meddling with them while they do it.” – Theodore Roosevelt