Finding and retaining the best employees is a key objective for any company, but companies spend too much time sifting through resumes to find the best applicants, and often results in the wrong hire for the position. From recruiting talent to assessing your current staff, we provide tools to save you time and increase the likelihood you will attract – and retain – the best candidates.

Prevue Assessment

Prevue Assessment™ is an internationally recognized HR tool for selection, coaching, benchmarking and succession planning. This system profiles both current and prospective employees and matches them to job benchmarks set by top performers and/or management.

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Research shows that one of the things that separates high performing organizations from the others is a commitment to regularly obtain candid feedback from employees on issues critical to the organization’s success. Providing the organization with a method to give feedback in a confidential, non-partisan environment is crucial to supporting a climate of trust resulting in higher employee engagement.

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Results-Centred 360

The Results-Centred 360 (RCL360) leadership assessment is the perfect tool for assessing the differences between a leader’s perceptions and those of their manager, their peers and their direct reports. This comprehensive assessment is designed by experts to give leaders the insight they need to improve their performance. The questions have been designed so the RCL360 is effective as a stand-alone measurement tool, as part of a comprehensive coaching program, or in tandem with the Results-Centred Leadership program.

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