Front line leadership (FLL)

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Front Line Leadership (FLL) program re-enforces the principle that every level of supervisor is responsible for creating an environment in which people understand what is expected of them. Front line leaders must be able to communicate effectively with their people, ensure they are involved in the decision making process, and they take accountability for the work entrusted to them. Through this shared responsibility and accountability measurable improvement in productivity is achieved.

The FLL program is a hands-on program that designed to ensure that your Supervisors learn not just to manage but to lead their people to their full potential.

  • Improve Productivity And Results
  • Enhance Teamwork
  • Motivate People, Increase Workplace Satisfaction
  • Alleviate Conflict, Discipline And Crisis Management
  • Increase Levels Of Goal Achievement
  • Join Over 2500 Supervisors Who Have Completed The Program In The Past 16 Years!

A hands-on supervisory development workshop that instills the qualities and the attributes that make a successful front-line leader. Train your Supervisors to “lead – not just manage” and watch your organization reach higher levels of achievement.

  • Improved Productivity And Results.
  • Enhanced Teamwork.
  • Motivated People.
  • People Accepting Responsibility And Accountability.
  • Less Conflict.
  • Fewer Performance And Discipline Issues.
  • Effective Communication.
  • Higher Levels Of Goal Achievement.
  • Less Crisis Management.
  • Better Use Of Time.
  • Feeling More In Control.
  • Less Stress.
  • More Confidence.
  • More Empathy & Understanding Of People.
  • Improved Communication & Coaching Skills
  • Better Overall Management Skills.