Catalyst Training Services in-house and public leadership programs have been helping organizations across the country for over 20 years. Over 4000 leaders at various levels have benefited from our leadership training programs. “Our leadership programs are now offered regularly throughout the lower mainland and on request across the country.“quotes president Dan Monteiro, “Effective Leadership is an evolution!

When effective leadership skills combine with good management skills, an organization becomes a catalyst for growth, change and development. A manager or supervisor with leadership skills releases the innate power of each individual within his/her team by being a model for self-management skills and a facilitator for individual growth and development. More than this, an effective leader ensures that all members of the team understand their role in the pursuit of the organization’s mission and accept accountability for their own results.

Effective leadership is a quality and a skill, which is both, admired and needed in successful organizations. Catalyst’s proven leadership training programs provides a process to develop these leadership skills at all levels of your organization.

Through our process, leaders will gain valuable experience in-goal setting, time management, delegating, decision-making, team building, problem solving, resolving conflicts, leading change, managing stress, motivating employees, improve communication.

An introductory leadership training program for Front Line Leaders. A hands-on supervisory development program that instills the qualities and the attributes that make a successful front-line leader. Train your Supervisors to “lead – not just manage” and watch your organization reach higher levels of achievement. The program is offered both in public and in-house session formats.

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A senior management leadership development program. Results Centered Leadership fosters an environment where mutual decisions let individuals within the organization thrive, be accountable and take responsibility for their actions and the results they attain. An environment where the right leadership traits and personal skills are not just learned by a few, they can be transferred to many, and predictably, working smarter together results in greater success.

The program is offered in public and in-house session formats.

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A management training program designed to reinforce and apply previously taught leadership principals for Front Line Leaders. Advanced Leadership Skills is a practical, hands-on program that enables the front line leader to not only apply existing knowledge and skills and learn new skills but to achieve higher productivity, ensure clearer communications, resolve conflicts effectively, build and retain strong teams, and to understand and lead change.

The program is offered in public and in-house session formats.

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