Prevue Assessment

Prevue Assessment

Prevue Assessment™ is an internationally recognized HR tool for selection, coaching, benchmarking and succession planning. This system profiles both current and prospective employees and matches them to job benchmarks set by top performers and/or management.

Prevue allows managers to generate several types of reports to help make key HR related decisions such as selection, coaching, personal development, promotion and succession planning.

The Prevue Assessment data is stored in Canada not the USA.

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Many organizations focus primarily on education, training, previous job experience and skills when hiring or promoting staff. All too often, managers do not uncover critical information about job suitability. It is frequently the lack of job fitthat result in turnover or ‘mediocre’ to ‘poor’ on the job performance.
No two people are identical – each person has a unique mixture of qualities that are important to understand but difficult to measure. Prevue Assessment™ identifies and quantifies important traits such as learning abilities, interests, and work-related personality characteristics that directly impact success on the job. Prevue Reports provide accurate information about people that can be used to optimize the success of your business.

The Prevue Assessment System is particularly effective when it is used to predict job suitabilitythrough the use of Benchmarks. A Benchmark is a composite of the abilities, interests, and personality traits of successful people in a specified job.

Virtually any human resource decision will benefit from the use of the Prevue Assessment System.

  • Facilitate Better Decisions For Hiring And Promotion.
  • Clarify Individual Strengths, For Performance And Development Purposes.
  • Provide Objective Information For People-Related Decisions
  • Easy To Use System, Instant Feedback And Reports Generation

This is designed to assist management with selection, hiring and promotion decisions. PDF format

Designed to assist management in determining the particular areas of coaching training that could improve the performance of a current employee. The report contains recommendations as to the type of coaching or training that may be appropriate. PDF format

Examines what jobs within an organization might best suit an individual. The report compares the abilities, interests and personality traits of an employee to the Benchmarks for various jobs within the employer’s organization. PDF format

Provides a general description of the test results without specific reference to a candidate’s scores. Individual reports are sometimes provided to employees as part of the coaching process to facilitate a discussion on the test results without reference to specific scores. PDF format

Provides information on five topics presented as business related behaviors, namely:

  • How Does This Person Want To Be Paid?
  • What Priority Does This Person Give To Work?
  • Does This Person Make Risky Decisions?
  • How Does This Person Deal With Change?
  • What Is This Person’s Perception Of The World?

PDF format

An interest and personality report designed specifically to assist coaches and mentors in building effective working relationships with the people they coach. Coaches can quickly assess an individual on such things as Listening Skills, Dealing with Conflict, Leadership, Planning and Communication Skills. PDF format

Learn more about how a candidate will approach situations in the workplace. What leadership style do they prefer? What is their compensation preference? Are they more forceful or accommodating when it comes to their approach to conflict? View the Approach to Work report to learn this, and more. PDF format

This report explains someone’s capacity to learn and use information, develop skills, solve problems and understand instructions. The Learning + Reasoning Report compares a candidate’s Abilities test score to a benchmark that’s based on a certain level of cognitive abilities needed for a position.PREVUE SCREEN – Perfect for when you need a quick, visual ‘yay or nay’, the Prevue Screen-Fit is a one-page document that shows you where your candidate falls on a scale from green (good fit) to red (doubtful fit) based on results of our short-form personality assessment. PDF format

The perfect report if you are looking to gather in-depth information about someone without a benchmark, the Candidate Snapshot report provides a visual overview of an individual’s scores, as well as a narrative about those scores. Candidate snapshots are perfect for external recruiters or for anyone who wants information without a benchmark. PDF format

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