Research shows that one of the things that separates high performing organizations from the others is a commitment to regularly obtain candid feedback from employees on issues critical to the organization’s success. Providing the organization with a method to give feedback in a confidential, non-partisan environment is crucial to supporting a climate of trust resulting in higher employee engagement.

The CORE assessment (CORE = Climate, Organization, Relationships, Employees) has been developed to measure the attributes that impact employee engagement. CORE provides the organization with an overview of employee perception of performance in 17 key areas. The resulting report summarizes these areas ranked according to greatest development need, plus more detailed data to demonstrate the responses that contributed to overall scores.

With CORE, you’ll be able to quickly identify the issues most likely to impact your ability to engage, attract and retain your employees.



With CORE, you will have a map outlining the areas most likely impacting engagement. Then, the organization can use its finite resources in strategic ways to increase and maintain employee engagement. Beyond simply allowing the organization to measure itself, we are capturing data that will allow organizations to compare themselves to aggregated data based on geography, company size, industry, and more.

For larger organizations, reports can be generated comparing departments, locations, teams, and more. With this information, you can identify areas of excellence, or areas in need of intervention.



Working with the client to configure the report requirements, Catalyst Training Services handles the rest. We provide you with communication templates to advise your employees about the upcoming assessment, email each of them their confidential invite (we have methods to administer the assessment for employees without Internet access), send reminders, and then compile the final results. These results are reviewed by a certified CORE facilitator, an executive summary is written, and the results are presented to the senior leadership team along with recommended strategies to address areas identified for improvement.