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Incorporated in 1996, Catalyst Training Services Inc. is a Canadian company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are an award winning and well recognized Leadership Development and Personality Assessment company. Our reputation has been earned through the quality of our programs, the experience and professionalism of our facilitators and authors. Over 4000 leaders from front line Supervisors to senior executives have benefited from our programs.

Catalyst‘s unparalleled Front Line Leadership, Advanced Leadership Skills and Results Centered Leadership Programs focus exclusively on proven and measurable results. Our web-based Prevue Assessment is considered as the leading selection and development tool in North America. Small, medium and large organizations use Prevue Assessment as part of their selection and development process. Thirty percent of Fortune 500 companies benefit from the Prevue Assessment and over one million candidates have completed it to date.

We work with you to ensure that leadership skills at all levels are fully developed thereby enabling your leaders to work to their full potential. The effect is leaders thrive in their roles, a more motivated and engaged team thereby significantly improving bottom-line results.

We are honored to have over one hundred fifty satisfied and repeat clients. Our extensive client base is a testament of our success.

We pleased to partner with the Manufacturing Safety Alliance of BC in the delivery of our programs.