Results-Centred 360

The Results-Centred 360 (RCL360) leadership assessment is the perfect tool for assessing the differences between a leader’s perceptions and those of their manager, their peers and their direct reports. This comprehensive assessment is designed by experts to give leaders the insight they need to improve their performance. The questions have been designed so the RCL360 is effective as a stand-alone measurement tool, as part of a comprehensive coaching program, or in tandem with the Results-Centred Leadership program.



RCL360 enables a leader’s peers, direct reports, manager and themselves to evaluate and provide feedback on key areas of leadership.

After completing the assessment and review with a certified RCL360 facilitator, a leader will have the information they need to understand their own strengths and development opportunities. The process will help engage them in productive coaching and to produce a self-development action plan. It is also recommended to reassess at a future date to measure progress.



Each package includes:

  • 1 Self Assessment
  • 1 Senior Manager Assessment (Multiple Senior Managers Can Be Accommodated)
  • Unlimited Peer Assessments
  • Unlimited Direct Report Assessments
  • Complete Analysis Of The Results By A Certified RCL360 Facilitator
  • A Full-Colour, Easy-To-Understand Report In PDF Format Reviewed With The Subject Manager