Marshall Aerospace Canada

At Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group Canada, one of our top priorities is to provide our people with tools and training to help them succeed and to excel in their roles to become leaders. We’ve had a successful record in Canada for 10 years, but when change was on the horizon, we turned to Catalyst Training to help our staff either refresh or gain the leadership skills the company needs for continued success through our growth stage.
Catalyst Training provided an introduction to leadership principles and also encourages practical implementation of goal-setting, communication, delegating, decision-making and team building experiences which allow participants to benefit immediately.
We have been offering two key groups the Results Centred Leadership course from Catalyst Training — first with our Management group, then followed up by our Supervisors. Feedback is very positive with participants telling us they both enjoy and benefit from the real life scenarios and role playing that are key components of the program.
We found the training to be of significant benefit, bringing together staff at various locations and preparing the base to assist everyone to deliver on our business objectives. Catalyst Training engaged and energized our employees.
I would recommend the Catalyst Training Services programs to any organization who wants to provide their key people with leadership skills and the desire to continue to build upon that strong foundation.